Hi friends! So we’ve decided that we wanted to do our very first tumblr awards, and what’s better than making it Marvel Ladies themed?

  • Must be following queenclintashaqueensiff
  • Reblog this post, you can like it to save it, but likes aren’t an entry
  • Must get at least 75 notes
  • Open until May 14
  • Must post at least a little bit of marvel
  • 1 winner and 2 runner ups for each category
  • The Jane Foster Award - Best Url 
  • The Emma Frost Award - Best Theme
  • The Peggy Carter Award - Best Icon
  • The Betty Ross Award - Best Original Edits/Graphics
  • The Gwen Stacy Award- Nicest Blogger
  • The Gamora Award - Best Multfandom
  • The Maria Hill Award - Best Marvel
  • The Lady Sif Award - Meg’s Favorite
  • The Natasha Romanoff Award - Priscilla’s Favorite
  • The Pepper Potts Award - Best Overall
What you'll win:
  • A graphic announcing you as the winner/runner up
  • Winners will get a follow back from both of us
  • Winners also get a solo promo
  • Overall winner gets as many promos as they want for a month
  • Runner ups will get a group promo

good luck! and please message us if you have any questions!

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hey it's me again here is the exact link if someone wants it again heh www-youtube-com/watch?v=1glKKih9dlA — pepper--stark

Thank you!

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On your Gwyneth + body post (upper right corner, where she opens the door in a sports bra) what clip is that GIF from? — Anonymous

It’s from a comic relief sketch from last year, I think it’s on YouTube. Search for David Walliam’s Exes :)

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okay hi so I know I haven’t posted anything remotely good in the last while after saying I would but I’ve been so busy with school and I’m gonna be even busier over the next few weeks because I’ve just got a full time job plus I need to study for exams :( I’m working on something at the moment though and I promise to try to post more regularly than I have been!

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what kind of hate are the people giving to gwyneth, what they say? — Anonymous

oh dear god this is gonna be a long reply.

okay so at the moment, people are blaming hers and chris’ separation entirely on her, the media are accusing her of having an affair, which they’ve been doing for ages (literally with EVERY man that isn’t chris)

she’s also getting hate rn for a comment she made regarding working mums. she said that actors have it harder than people who work 9-5. this does sound pretty arrogant at first but she went on to explain that it’s because an actor’s schedule can change sooooo quickly and they have to work anywhere and everywhere usually for really long hours. but as per the media blow it up and made her sound like a bitch.

and she receives hate on a daily basis because of goop, her diet, her parenting views… it’s endless and I think it’s unfair, especially when there are celebrities like justin bieber and chris brown who commit crimes yet are still adored.

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I voted! Your blog is great :) (can you rate my side blog gwynethkpaltrows) — mr-paltrow


Thank you love :)

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Lil message for u- Your blog is so pretty! It’s nice to see a good Gwyneth blog when everyone’s giving her so much hate at the moment. Your gifs are pretty fab too! ♡

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I'm sure Gwyneth will be taking some time off, she normally does anyway after she films something and I am sure she will want to be out of the public eye even more and help her kids transition. I would think she would, eventually, have MORE time on her own to film stuff if she is splitting custody with Chris. But it doesn't seem like that is going to happen AT ALL, seems they are basically going to still overlap lives, like this Bahamas thing. Even rumors they are still going to live together. — Anonymous

I definitely think she should take time out to relax and help Apple and Moses, she more than deserves it. I just hope the shitty media representation she gets/is getting doesn’t affect her too much. And I think the way GP and Chris are handling this divorce is really admirable and from the pictures of them in the Bahamas, they look really, really happy. :)

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